Essay on demand deposits

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What are the Forms of Money in a Modern Economy?

They had surplus money, which take deposits from people and needed money to invest, which began by borrowing this money to borrowers. They are charged interest from borrowers and depositors have given. Deposit and lending interest rate difference between the major source of revenue for the banks were formed. Banking, lending or borrowing to invest, to provide services for those who have a service industry.

Managing Personal Finances with Demand Deposit Accounts

A: The utility of a consumer is maximized at the point where the highest indifference curve becomes tan Q: What do you think is more realistic approach between cardinal and ordinal approaches to consumer beh A: Ordinal Utility The Ordinal Utility approach in consumer theory is based on the fact that the util
For other graduate-level government examinations such as the SSC exam, the questions related to bank functions are asked under the professional knowledge heading. Therefore, this article will walk you through important banking functions, their categories, and more. Candidates preparing for any competitive or government exams can check the following links for their preparation:. A bank is a lawful organisation that accepts deposits that can be withdrawn on demand. Banks are institutions that help the public in the management of their finances, public deposit their savings in banks with the assurance to withdraw money from the deposits whenever required.
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