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The Great Wall of China is an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totaling more than 13, miles in length, located in northern China. Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and its long and vivid history, the Great Wall was originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the third century B. The best-known and best-preserved section of the Great Wall was built in the 14th through 17th centuries A. Though the beginning of the Great Wall of China can be traced to the fifth century B. Around B. The famous Chinese general Meng Tian initially directed the project, and was said to have used a massive army of soldiers, convicts and commoners as workers.

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It was built more than 2, years ago by Qin Shi Huangdi c. The Great Wall was built as a defence system to protect the borders of the Chinese Empire from barbarian and enemy invasion, the Mongols in particular. In the 8 th century B. Once the Qin Kingdom defeated the other kingdoms in the 3 rd century B. This wall rather than being one incredibly long wall, as I believed it to be before I did all my research, is actually a system of series of walls built over a period of 2, years.

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How much do you know about the Great Wall of China? Why was it built, are there bodies buried in it, and can you really see the Wall from outer space? So fundamental was the connection between walls and cities that the Chinese used one word to cover them both, and they still do.
The Great Wall of China is a name used to describe a collection of fortifications throughout China. The Great Wall of China was built by more than seven different Chinese dynasties. Contrary to the name, the Great Wall of China is not just a wall. Today, over a third of the Great Wall of China has disappeared. The Great Wall of China spanned across 15 different regions in China.
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