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Mainly through mass media, communication is carried out at large to scattered, heterogeneous and anonymous audiences Pradesh, Magazines play a great importance in media, and use a variety of categories to reach out to its readers, which are the following. In this Essay I will explore the different forms of media and their ability to change one's mind. The media today has immense power of the people as people today now get all news from the media in different forms such as TV, cellphones, tablets and computers. The power that the media has therefore allows them to control what is covered and what they see as important.

Essay on What´s Citizen Journalism or Public Journalism?

Advantages Of Citizen Journalism - Words | Internet Public Library

Micha Barban Dangerfield. The advent of the Internet, new technologies, social platforms and grass-roots media has heralded a significant shift in collecting, disseminating and sharing information. Citizen journalism can be considered as the offspring of this evolution - an alternative form of news gathering and reporting, taking place outside of the traditional media structures and which can involve anyone. We live in the age of image consumption and data absorption. Everyday, a fresh wave of information reaches our computers and phone screens, but not only are we the recipients of this constant flow, we are now the creators. The liberalisation of information allows anyone to share and spread their personal experience of an event, in real time. This new form of reporting takes place ahead of or outside traditional media structures and can function as a firewall - holding media accountable for any inaccuracies or lack of news coverage.

Citizen Journalism Essay

Social Influence takes many forms and is seen in socialization, conformity, obedience, and persuasion. With this, Facebook users are influenced through peers, friends, and significant others in grasping or sharing news. In other words, the lack of positive images in media and pop culture, such as movies and television, is changing how we see the world and how we view others. The media focuses on the negativity in the world, which in turn makes people believe it is full of harm and violence.
While citizen journalism is welcomed by many, it is also considered a hindrance by others. This type of journalism is regarded as uncensored and raw that is portrayed to the public with people other than professional journalists. Some people even believe that it has a future hand in hand with professional journalism. No matter the points pushed by proponents and opponents, it is important to assess the advantages and disadvantages of citizen journalism to have an idea of how it will develop in the future.
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