Term paper on ozone depletion

The Assessment reports on key findings on environment and health since the last full Assessment of , paying attention to the interactions between ozone depletion and climate change. The most severe and most surprising ozone loss was discovered to be recurring in springtime over Antarctica. In response to the prospect of increasing ozone depletion, the governments of the world crafted the United Nations Montreal Protocol as an international means to address this global issue. Production and consumption of all principal ODS by developed and developing nations has already been largely decreased and will be almost completely phased out before the middle of the 21 st century. Those gases that are still increasing in the atmosphere , such as halon and HCFCs, will begin to decrease in the coming decades if compliance with the Protocol continues. However, it is only after mid-century that the effective abundance of ODS is expected to fall to values that were present before the Antarctic ozone hole was first observed in the early s.

Wait—the Ozone Layer Is Still Declining?

Ozone Layer - Our World in Data

Received 12 October ; accepted 24 January ; published 27 January This study was conducted at University of Gujrat during as a term paper for Master of Philosophy. The causes, mechanism and bio-effects of ozone layer depletion on humans were addressed. It is revealed that introduction of Chloroflourocarbons CFCs in the environment is the most rated cause of said depiction. Ozone depletion is allowing the UV radiation to earth surface.

Ozone Layer Protection

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Ozone Triatomic oxygen, O3, is most commonly known as ozone. It's critical temperature and pressure are It has a pleasant odor in concentrations of less than 2 ppm, and is irritating and injurious in. The Ozone Ozone derives from the greek word ozein which means to smell.
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