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Chlamydia usually infects the cervix and fallopian tubes of women and the urethra of men. Chlamydial infections are said to be the most common of all STDs. It is also said that in a population of 15 million, there are up to , cases of chlamydia each year. There are many undiagnosed cases of chlamydia in the community.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. ChlamydiaChlamydiaSexually transmitted diseases infect millions of people a year. Some of these diseases are fatal, others can be cured with antibiotics. ChlamydiabyAshley ChristensenMs. People in their teens and twenties are most affected by STD?

Chlamydia infection

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria. It is estimated that chlamydia is the most common STD with 3 - 4 million new cases each year. Rates of chlamydia are highest in the West and Midwest, part of the contry. How is it Spread?
The symptoms separating bacteria pneumonia from the rest are vomiting, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, and bluish tint to the lips and nails from a lack of oxygen to the blood. A person should see a physician when they are having difficulty breathing, any chest pain, persistent fever of degrees or higher or persistent cough of pus Mayoclinic, It is a more serious matter when older adults, young children, infants and those with chronic medical conditions are affected by pneumonia. When an older person is affected by pneumonia they tend to become confused and unaware of whats going on. Scabies is caused by the itch mite, which burrows under the skin.
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