Essay on higher education in india

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The Indian Education System : Features, Pros, Cons and Way forward

Essay on Higher Education in India

This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. Education is needed in every aspect of human life. The development and exchange speed is so high in the communication world that every individual and society attempts to adapt itself. The education nowadays has passed over its traditional methods and is moving towards the virtual and electronic learning.

Importance of Higher Education Essay for Students [500 Words]

The Indian education system, for a long time, is faced with the problem of inaccessibility and low-quality education that make Indians unemployable. Due to this, India is not able to use the potential of its human capital. Education is one of the vital tools that help a nation to develop. The government needs to address this issue through proactive involvement for the betterment of all Indian citizens.
Hannah Education has always been and continues to be one of the most important needs of mankind. It helps man indoctrinate values and apply the technical know-how in real life situations. Of late, there has been an increasing trend towards privatisation of higher education in India. The Government of India cannot absolve. I realised that this was not a path breaking question but since I did not want to dwell into a path-breaking aspect in my first internship in this sphere I thought I would be a good idea to understand the obvious and then go ahead with newer ideas.
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