Amnesia case study

Although the surgery was partially successful in controlling his epilepsy, a severe side effect was that he became unable to form new memories. The surgery took place in and H. Molaison's brain was kept at University of California, San Diego where it was sliced into histological sections on December 4, Institute at UC Davis. Henry Molaison was born on February 26, in Manchester, Connecticut, and experienced intractable epilepsy that has sometimes been attributed to a bicycle accident at the age of seven. He worked for a time on an assembly line but, by the age of 27, he had become so incapacitated by his seizures, despite high doses of anticonvulsant medication, that he could not work nor lead a normal life.

What Is Anterograde Amnesia?

Forget Me Not: History's 17 Most Bizarre Amnesia Cases: Page 2 | Live Science

Dissociation is a word that is used to describe the disconnection or lack of connection between things usually associated with each other. In severe forms of dissociation, disconnection occurs in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, or perception. For example, someone may think about an event that was tremendously upsetting yet have no feelings about it. Clinically, this is termed emotional numbing, one of the hallmarks of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Amnesia Case Study

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Knock-out drugs are used to facilitate the commission of a crime, generally either robbery or sexual assault. Although media reports on the use of knock-out drugs have become more frequent, there are no robust epidemiological data on the incidence of drug-facilitated robbery or sexual assault, presumably because many crimes of these types do not enter into official statistics. The authors describe the modes of action and toxicological means of detection of the substances most frequently used as knock-out drugs on the basis of a selective literature research on the terms "drug-facilitated sexual assaults" DFSA and "drug-facilitated crimes" DFC. The most frequently used drug in cases of sexual assault is still alcohol ca.
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