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How many robots does it take to onboard a new hire? Only one. Robotic process automation RPA , as applied to the human resources industry, uses automated software applications to streamline HR processes, such as onboarding new hires. In the past, HR automation occurred at the level of computer code, but with human resources RPA, it can now occur at the mouse-click-level—no conventional coding skills required. When properly implemented, human resources RPA knits together HR core system data fields, cloud-based software fields, and desktop applications like Excel into a single, streamlined, standardized, and automatic process.

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Special recognition to Uven Pillay Head Strategic Projects who has been the driving force behind this implementation of iRPA at Hollard — his vision to introduce appropriate and value adding robotic process automation has netted significant benefit to the organisation and has made the potential success of the initiative a reality. This document contains the case study relating to intelligent robotic process automation iRPA implemented at Hollard, a leading insurance firm in South Africa. The implementation was completed during and the case study refers to the success of LarcAI as a key provider in the field of intelligent robotics and the capability of the vendor to understand and solve complex customer centric solution objectives. LarcAI is an intelligent technology provider with extensive consulting and development capability to support the implementation of configurable intelligent robotic solutions.

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How your company can efficiently and accurately optimise back-office resources for significant cost savings with the help of Robotic Process Automation RPA. In fact, such repetitive processes — clerical, time-consuming and error-prone — can be a cause of frustration for employees, as well as a waste of precious resources. RPA technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for people to perform back-office processes, such as those found in finance, accounting, supply chain management, customer services and human resources.
Efficient Invoice Processing system is the need of an hour and RPA is helping organizations in this front, in order to minimize the process time of invoicing, reduce operational expenses and eliminate human errors. In this business case, RPA is used by the organization to ensure the timely payment from vendors. This is a fortnight process, to generate and download the vendor-wise invoices, send those invoices with authorized signatures to the respective vendors. Since the entire process was manual, the team of FTEs were fully engaged in order to process approximately invoices.
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