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This story takes place on the year in the city of Los Angeles, California. The way the story is that the main character of the story by the name of Henry Reyna, the ringleader of the 38th street gang, is unjustly charged for the Sleepy Lagoon murder of a man and is sentenced to life in prison. Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez explains the racially charged trial of Sleepy Lagoon in in which the court of California charges a group of Chicanos with the murder of another Mexican-American man. For Chicanos, was an era of discrimination so the trials were unfairly biased against them. To fight against this discrimination, many Chicanos wore an exaggerated suit, referred to as a zoot suit, that included a long, loose jacket with padded shoulders and high waisted trousers. This choice of wardrobe.

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Mexican films, about immigration, are portrayed by media outlets as threats to economic stability and a reason to securitize the…. The racial discrimination towards Mexicans is the reason why Mexicans become their stereotypes. America is made up of all types of people and each struggling with their own personal battle. They fought to live in a country that only sees them as workers….

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Zoot suit is actually the first Hispanic play to be written. It is to be the only Hispanic play that exists today. The main character in Zoot Suit is Henry Reyna the leader of the 38th street gang.
The Zoot Suit Riots started on June 3, , when eleven sailors on leave walked into a Mexican American barrio neighborhood in Los Angeles and got involved in a battle with a group of men thought to be of Mexican decent. During a ten day period in a series of conflicts between Anglo military personnel and Mexican Americans led to full-scale riots in the metropolis of Los Angeles. Tensions began between the two cultural groups when the local media sensationalized crime in the country and blamed it mainly on Mexican Americans.
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