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However the islands have beautiful scenery, and amazing resorts. Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation spots because if you chose to take a hike on a volcano, or relax by the ocean, you get a win win situation. I want to go to…. When thinking of any place in Hawaii, beautiful landscaping, white sand, and clear ocean water is pictured; and that is almost exactly what you get. Maui, Hawaii, is a beautiful, exotic vacation spot with many excursion opportunities. Maui is located in the Pacific Ocean west of California.

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The underwater world takes on a new persona as its inhabitants are magnified through my goggles. Bubbles float up past my head as I slowly and deeply breathe through my regulator while keeping my body neutrally buoyant to prevent myself from touching the marine life below. My fins cut through the water as they attempt to propel me against the strong ocean current over large kelp forests. Fish of all shapes and sizes swim up to investigate who I am and what I am doing in their underwater world. I was.
When you descend below the surface, you are welcomed into an underwater world filled with colour, life and beauty. As divers, it is our duty to treat this world with the utmost respect and consideration as we are, in effect, ambassadors for ocean conservation. The life of a scuba diver is certainly one of exploration and discovery. I have been lucky enough to dive in some amazing places during my diving career so far, from quarries in Wales, to diving with Manta Rays in Indonesia. Everywhere has something unique to offer which attracts divers.
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