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I met PAs who worked in emergency medicine, orthopedics, neurology, and many other specialties. I think one of the greatest strengths of the position is the ability to be able to choose a specialty without having to complete a residency. This was one of the important factors in my decision between physician assistant and medical. I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation of Ms. I have had the opportunity of working closely with Shari in my clinical practice of Pediatrics as a preceptor for the greater part of three months in During her time as a mentee, Shari has demonstrated a strong interest in becoming a future practitioner in medicine by her drive to learn basic sciences, her curiosity for medicine and her ability.

Why Become A Physician Assistant

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I was ten years old and about to show my parents everything I had learned the last few days at ski camp when everything went black. Once the paramedics arrived and brought me into the ambulance, everyone had their own idea as to the cause. But with no definitive answer, it would have to wait until the hospital to reach a conclusion. No one that came into the room could give us an explanation until an on call PA saw me. She quickly diagnosed me with febrile seizures. She explained how my ear infection caused a spike in my body temperature leading to the seizure. IDK how to say I am amazed that she was able to diagnose me so quickly and my family and the paramedics accounts to come to the conclusion of seizure and not fainting even when other experienced medical doctors made the mistake.

Becoming A Physician Assistant Essay

What type of diseases the patient has? Stethoscope are used by all doctors who diagnosed diseased. It helps doctor knows what normal body blood people have. Family medicine used all this in patient.
A Physician Assistant PA is typically and mainly the person whom patients see primarily. PA 's assess patients, request tests, prescribe therapy assessments for the patient to undergo, and many more medical activities. PA 's do most of the patient care all under the supervision of a Physician, hence the term Physician Assistant.
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