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Read the second essay here and the third essay here. Russia was also granted the right to protect Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire, and the nominally independent Crimean Khanate was placed under its influence. The Crimean city of Sevastopol was established the same year, and from onward, Russia emerged as a growing Black Sea power as the Ottoman Empire slipped onto a slow, declining path. The decline of the Ottoman Empire continued, as did the regional power struggle in the Black Sea, over which neither side was able to claim a decisive victory. The bloody — Crimean War between the Ottoman Empire and Russia left hundreds of thousands dead. Although this never materialized, a stronger but more isolated Russia repeatedly failed to seize control of the strategic Bosporus and Dardanelles Turkish Straits from the Ottoman Empire.

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Making a name in the business world is no cake walk. It does require a company to cross many hurdles and similar has been the enthralling journey of Coles Supermarket Australia. The company has gone through tremendous changes during its years. This article describes the changes and strategies in detail. It also analyses the business and marketing strategies adopted at present and over the years. Coles is an Australian retailer having nearly super markets and retail outlets in the country. It is known for delivering great quality, high value products and services to its customers.

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He then headed to the Middle East to visit traditional American allies, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as Iran, where he signed a sweeping investment agreement on Saturday. Although officials denied the timing was intentional, the message clearly was. China hopes to position itself as the main challenger to an international order, led by the United States, that is generally guided by principles of democracy, respect for human rights and adherence to rule of law. Lavrov, when they met in the southern Chinese city of Guilin.
On 28 July , Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Within days, long-standing mobilization plans went into effect to initiate invasions or guard against them and Russia , France and Britain stood arrayed against Austria and Germany in what at the time was called the "Great War", and was later named " World War I " or "First World War. It did not plan a wider war such as exploded in a matter of days. British historian John Zametica argued that Austria-Hungary was primarily responsible for starting the war, as its leaders believed that a successful war against Serbia was the only way it could remain a Great Power, solve deep internal disputes caused by Hungarian demands, and regain influence in the Balkan states.
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