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They want to tell their story. They want to share their knowledge of blockchain, or electric cars, or Aboriginal genetics. Whether we work with you for 8 hours or , your experience with us will always be yours, never cookie-cutter, never duplicated, and never turnkey. To receive a no-obligation quote for your next copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, or proofreading project, fill out the form below or call To review general pricing, visit our copywriting prices page.

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Many of our ghostwriters have extensive academic experience. We can develop top-quality, research-supported content and target it to your desired publication. Improve your online visibility with SEO-targeted blogs and articles. Our writers will create articles to ensure your readers know who you are and where to find you. From white papers to trade journal articles, our business writers and editors can develop content to boost your visibility and ROI.

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Some of these are very new and are still evolving in nature. These include biotechnology, bioinformatics, and special programs such as Food Technology or Water Management. The variety in biological disciplines allows students to specialize in an area that is in their interest. Nevertheless, in the first semesters, there are numerous basic subjects on the timetable that require comprehensive knowledge in mathematics, chemistry and physics in addition to a basic understanding of biological processes.
In an ego-driven and cut-throat field, authoring work means getting your name out in the public space as much as possible. This can make or break your writing career, especially when getting more work means establishing a name for yourself. A ghostwriter is a writer hired to write a text for someone else. The text will then be credited to that high-profile name rather than to the ghostwriter themselves, who may end up with just a footnote citation for their work at best. It is the credited authors the celebrities, the politicians, or other high-profile people whose names appear on the jacket cover who receive the byline and the credit for the work instead.
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